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A Photo Booth is a great fun way to leave a lasting impression on your clients and colleagues, whether it’s a product launch or the staff Christmas party it’s a great ice breaker. We can customise the prints to include your logo, your company colours and details, we can also use the Green Screen to theme the images in any way you choose.
How often at opening days and new product launches are you standing there handing out flyers and business cards knowing full well that the majority of them are just going into a bin, if you are very lucky your business card might make it all the way back to your potential new clients home, but then you know that it is probably going into that kitchen drawer along with the take away menus, dead batteries and pens that don’t work
But give them a fun photo of themselves with a silly hat on and not only will they take that picture with all your business details on home, they will probably stick it on their fridge door, and then when they see it on Facebook they may well share it with all their friends too!

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