Getting out of a venue

Photobooth Hire Devon

A quick rant…..

Why do people love standing in doorways? As you read this you will realise this is you too!

We do many events with our Photo booth and Casino tables, but without exception when it comes to packing up and getting the equipment out of the venue there will always be a small group of people blocking the doorway, if they want to be outdoors there’s generally a huge amount of space in the carpark for standing around in, having a cigarette or just generally cooling down, but no!

In the doorway that’s the best place to be, especially when somebody (Me!) is trying to get through the door with a very heavy box. And when you say “Mind your backs please” or “Excuse me” the only response is either they breathe in a little, or maybe clench their buttocks and move their hips to one side for a moment.

“Breathing in and clenching does not qualify as getting out of the way!”

Here at Photobooth Select we supply photo booths as a light hearted, fun way to capture the spirit of your event, on its own or as part of our Casino/ Photo Booth package. The booths automated touch screen computer system utilises the latest state of the art photographic technology, which along with a very clever printer produces a touch dry top quality photograph in just a few seconds.

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